Brand in a Box is an off-the-shelf employer branding solution that helps you position your business and attract the best talent. It's ideal for those who can't, or don't, want the fuss of a protracted, expensive and resource consuming process.

Trusted with developing some of the world's leading Employer Brands and winners of Employer Brand of the Year at the prestigious RAD Awards - the team behind Brand in a Box bring huge expertise and experience into an off-the-shelf package.

You don't have to be one of the world's leading businesses to benefit from being recognised for your people and practices.


With Brand in a Box, every business can identify the reason why it's a great place to work and develop a high-impact, low-cost creative strategy.

Ready to develop an Employer Brand that will release the potential of your employer awesomeness and put you on the roadmap as the number one employer of choice?


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